in order to be able to help you, we ask you to create a ticket. For a short-term processing a ticket is more efficient than an E-Mail. With this we can more detailed respond to your questions and wishes. An individual ticket has to be created for every help topic. For each help topic an individual ticket has to be created, because different employees are working on the different topics and therefore internal forwarding or missing is excluded.

Through this video, you'll see the benefits a ticket system can have for more efficient communication.

The help topics are:

  • Request information
  • Tec-Hive
  • Bees / beeswarm
  • Bees / Monitoring
  • biodiversity
  • Eh-Da surfaces
  • Beekeeper / instructor register
  • Beekeeper / trainer
  • Sponsorships / sponsorships
Editorial / Alternative Projects

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